Our Story

Our story began with my father, Peter Gordon Wing. He was the largest government surplus wholesaler in Europe. My father instilled in me a deep passion for secondhand clothes. From a young age, I found myself drawn to his warehouse, accompanying him to auction houses, secondhand shops, and car boot sales.

In 2018 my beloved father passed away and determined to honor his legacy, I established Wings in 2020.

Initially, Wings found its roots on Depop, but I always knew that I wanted to build something more personal — a community that extended beyond the boundaries of an online platform. I envisioned Wings, a place where individuals with a shared passion for secondhand and unique finds could come together.

With an unwavering love for what we do, everyone involved in our business is fueled by their own genuine enthusiasm and wholeheartedly embraces our vision.

The journey we have embarked upon is one filled with dedication and a genuine desire to carry forward my father's legacy. We are excited to unveil what we have in store for you and express our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support.

Wings World is a true testament to the love and devotion that goes into every aspect of our business.

Thank you for being a part of our story.

Big love,
Megan Wing

The Peter Wing Foundation

Since early 2022 Megan has run the Peter Wing Foundation, in memory of her beloved Father. As a child, Peter was adopted from Druid’s Heath school in Staffordshire and has always been a passionate supporter of charities. Throughout his life, Peter was one of the largest UK charity donors, which led to him meeting the now King Charles III and other high profile figures who share a passion for helping others.

Continuing in the spirit of Peter’s big heart, Megan has created the Peter Wing foundation as a vehicle to allow Wings World to give regularly to charities.

We will be regularly picking causes to donate a percentage of our profits to. You, our community, will get to vote on which charity will receive our donation each month!

Charities we have donated to in the past:


Southall Black Sisters

Southall Black Sisters (SBS) was set up in 1979 as a specialist centre for Black and minoritised women. Their aim is to empower women and girls and assist to them in overcoming obstacles that hinder their access to equality, human rights and freedom.

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The Listening Place

The listening place is made up of an awarding winning team of volunteers who offer free, confidential and ongoing face-to-face listening, by appointment, to people who feel that life is no longer worth living.

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